What's that all about?

Salon coaching is all about helping you to get improvements in your hair & beauty salon, spa, clinic or barbershop. It’s about changing the important parts of your business and developing you, so that you get results as fast as possible. It’s also about having support from Carl, in a way that suits you best. Whether you need a salon visit, a video call, an online course or just a phone call. Maybe you need just someone to ‘chat to’ occasionally or you need help to put structures in place to make some of your business problems (and stress) go away. It’s all here, please look around the website, and give Carl a call if you want to know more about coaching.

Great ways to get coaching support Improve Yourself & Your Business

Getting a visit from Carl at your salon can identify problems and solutions quicker than any other method of coaching. This is a great way to start your coaching relationship, especially if you have a salon team or complicated business set up. After just one day you will have a written plan and a salon report that you can start working on immediately. Carl will help you prioritise the key area’s which will change your business very quickly. Carl’s expertise is growing sales, retailing and staffing systems. He bases all his coaching around helping you put structures in place, which will help you for many years.


What's that all about?

This is the most popular method of coaching, used with salons all over the world. We meet online as often as we agree is required, develop your plans and then support you through the changes. Each meeting is 55 minutes long. Carl will suggest the frequency of the meetings so that you become successful in a reasonable time, but there are no agreements to tie you in, so you can drop in and out as much as you want.



What's Included In Our Coaching Support

We have support which is tailored for you and your salon, including face to face coaching, video link coaching, telephone support, online courses, software downloads and even books. We also have lot’s of FREE STUFF, like free videos, a free weekly phone-in, a Facebook page, Youtube channel and even some free software downloads. We aim to have something to help everyone.


You can join us live every Wednesday EVENING at 8.30pm (BST) for a live phone in hosted on Facebook Live, YouTube and Linkedin. This is your chance to speak to Carl and get your business issues answered.



We produce a FREE video every week, on a business subject of your choice. Just click on the button below to decide what you would like in your video and then watch out for it on Monday. Each video is about 10 minutes long.






Reserve a time with Carl
Time 55 minutes – Cost £79.00
When you just want support from time to time, or just a one off “chat”,
this service is perfect for you.
Each one-on-one session is personally
delivered by Carl.

Product Selling - Online Lessons

We have created the best online product selling course currently available. The one thing that delivers Sales, Profits and exceptional customer service is now here for you to learn and use, like never before. This one course alone could change your business forever.

  • Based on the book SALON PRODUCTS, Sell or Die (not) trying, (also available in our store.)
  • ​Multi media learning (Text, video,images etc)
  • ​Work at your own rate, repeat as often as you like.

Live or recorded webinar materials

All our business webinars are available in the store from September the 1st 2019. They are a great way of getting extra knowledge and inspiration. Join our mailing list if you would like to know when the next live webinar is, that way you can ask questions too.


Executive Coaching
Intense personal & business review.

When you need to get away from your business and put everything into perspective. Spend the day and evening with Carl in Cardiff, where you will be completely immersed and focused on making the right changes, for you and your business. 

  • ​Full day and evening of mentoring
  • Lunch and Dinner
  • ​Hotel (Minimum 4*)


why are we the best choice for you?

Because we know that you need solutions to your problems, and fast. We also know that everyone needs their support delivered in a way that works for them and we can do that, we know you have specific problems and we can give you specific answers. We can make you sales increase and your business stress decrease.

Because we don’t just tick boxes, take your money and disappear into the sunset. We will stay in support for as long or as short as you want. We can visit you as often as you want, and even send you industry experts to help with training. There is nothing we can’t help with.

We accept the challenge that you will always need more coaching and coaching materials. We are always developing new courses, and new resources all of the time, which is why you should be visiting this site regularly for all the new updates.  

Our coaching and training materials are designed by us and stand apart from what is generally available. Whether it is our retail course, books, webinars or face to face coaching we only use original material.

Our best selling book SALON PRODUCTS, Sell or Die (Not) Trying is an industry leading resource that is shaking up the traditional selling methods and delivering a refreshing new way of selling everything, including yourself.

Analysing why you should sell, why you don’t sell and the best ways to start selling are all here. If you are a salon owner looking to increase sales or a team member trying to improve your customer service , this book is for you. Now available on Amazon UK 


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