Salon Pricing System

How do you know if your salon prices are correct?

There is a 70% chance that they are wrong!

This software package will tell you. 

 This system ONLY WORKS ON A LAPTOP or PC.

We recommend Chrome Browser

Phone and Tablet systems are in development. 

Imagine your business having the correct prices for the first time ever!
Imagine being able to know if you should increase or decrease staffing levels just by looking at a screen.
Imagine being able to know how much to charge if you plan to invest in new equipment or a refurbishment.           
 Imagine knowing instantly what would be the effect of reducing your booking times by just five minutes? 

Imagine knowing what VAT rate would suit your business best, months, even years in advance.  


This is not one of those home made break even calculators. This is a a business package that will improve your decision making and financial results. 

All developments and updates will be free.This is probably the most important software purchase that you will make this year.

* please refer to your accountant before making any financial decisions regarding taxation.  This is not an accountancy  package.